Who ?

Transit visa is valid only in international zone. If your correspondence requires that you leave the international zone, you must apply for a Schengen visa.

For Sudanese : submit a completely filled application (see below) translated in French language by the University of Khartoum/ Translation Unit and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For other nationalities : submit a completely filled application, legalized by their embassies.

How ?

The digital fingerprinting and a photograph of a clear face are mandatory. This requires that each applicant comes personally at the visa section.

When ?

Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 12:00 am, only by appointment through Internet (see the above address on the home page)

Where ?

At visa section.

Required documents

  • Your signed and completed short-stay visa application, with two recent passport photographs (visible forehead, ears and neck). Download the form.
  • Obligation to write clearly and accurately telephone number to 10 digits and email address.
  • Photocopies of all used pages of passports. For nationals of other than Sudanese nationality, photocopies of the residence permit must also be presented.
  • Visa of final destination on passport.
  • A ticket comprising the details of the trip plan (two ways), original and copy.
  • Proof of regular income in Sudan (monthly salary or retirement or pension or rental income and bank savings, bank statement of the last three months, holding your name) or any elements related to the personal situation of applicant (copy of property certificate, ....).
  • Your job certificates in Sudan.
  • Hotel booking in the destined country or host letter.
  • Medical and repatriation insurance of 30 000 euros covering the entire stay in Europe. (A copy and the original of this document will be returned to the visa applicants who must carry it upon traveling).
  • For foreigners residing in Sudan : residence permit in Sudan, a photocopy of it, translated into French, by University of Khartoum/ Translation Unit.

Published in February, 2015

Dernière modification : 02/03/2015

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