Study Visa

(Long stay for a period more than 90 days)



Who ?

You want to study in France for a period more than 90 days.

Cost ?

The cost of long-stay visa is 99 Euros at the current rate of Chancery.

A receipt will be issued (note : the processing time is 2 months incompressible).

How ?

The digital fingerprinting and a photograph of a clear face are mandatory. This requires that each applicant comes personally at the visa section.

For Sudanese : submit a completely filled application (see below) translated in French language, by the University of Khartoum/ Translation Unit and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For other nationalities : submit a completely filled form, legalized by their embassies.

When ?

Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 12:00 am, only by appointment through Internet (see the above address on the home page).

Where ?

At visa section.

Required documents

  • Your signed and completed long-stay visa application, with two recent passport photographs (visible forehead, ears and neck). Download the form.
  • Obligation to write clearly and accurately telephone number to 10 digits and email address.
  • Photocopies of all used pages of passports. For nationals of other than Sudanese nationality, photocopies of the residence permit must also be presented.
  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence.
  • Bank certificate (or warrant that the total amount was, or will later be, deposited on a French bank account) or certificate of fees settlement.
  • If your studies are funded by a person in France, the following documents should be submitted : a photocopy of the identity of the sponsor (ID, passport, residence permit in France), and justification of resources (last pay slips and most recent income tax bill, for example) the original support letter signed by the guarantor (birth certificate or marriage certificate, in case of family ties).
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Or the original of the host certificate. This document is to be issued from the town council at residence, the police or gendarmerie brigade of the place where live the inviting person signed by him/her, along with a copy of his/her ID (national identity card, passport or residence card) and proof of domicile (electricity bill, telephone, tax bills, ...).
  • Or proof of accommodation by the school or university indicating the duration and the address of stay.

Documents relating to studies

  • Studies in French : Certificate of 500 hours of French language OR passing a French test (e.g. EFT).
  • Studies in English : Certificate indicating the level of English (e.g. TOEFL).
  • Submission of all academic certificates (copy of last diploma, certificate of attendance, High school certificate or other equivalent diploma).
  • Certificate of registration or conditional preregistration higher education in France stating the nature and duration of the training and diploma prepared (eg registration or pre-registration degree in economics). The registration at an institution other than university must be accompanied by a proof of payment of tuition fees in full or partially according to the internal rules of the institution.
  • Detailed description of the study project on plain paper : the student explains in a covering letter, signed, in French (preferably) or English, the reasons why he wishes to study in France. He outlines the link between his initial studies, his studies in France, his career, and his plans when he returns home. This letter will be supplemented by a curriculum vitae in French (preferably) or in English.

Published in February, 2015

Dernière modification : 02/03/2015

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