Holders of Official Passports



Who ?

You are a diplomat or official representative of a foreign state and you are a diplomatic or service passport holder :

How ?

You want to apply for a short residence (less than 90 days during a period of 183 days).

The digital fingerprinting and photograph scanning with a full view of the face are mandatory. This requires that each applicant comes personally at the visa office, without appointment, from 9 am to 10 am, from Sunday to Thursday.

Free visa application fees.

Required documents

  • Your signed and completed short-stay visa application, with two recent passport photographs (visible forehead, ears and neck). Download the form
  • Obligation to write clearly and accurately telephone number to 10 digits and email address.
  • Photocopies of all used pages of diplomatic and service passports. For nationals of other than Sudanese nationality, photocopies of the residence permit must also be presented.
  • Verbal note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy or international organization you depend on, signed by the authorized person.
  • Those who are in service in Sudan must provide a copy of the diplomatic or service card delivered by the Sudanese Protocol.
  • Other documents may be required in some special cases (check with the consulate).

Published in February, 2015

Dernière modification : 02/03/2015

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