Civil Society Program 2017 - PISCCA

Gender-based violence prevention and response

The French Embassy to Sudan is launching a new call for proposals to support Sudanese civil society in the framework of a new grant program entitled PISCCA (Innovative projects from civil societies and coalitions of actors), which takes over the “Civil society support” fund set up by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and implemented in Sudan since 2014.

This new funding is aimed at empowering civil society’s organizations by strengthening their capacities and supporting the creation of thematic networks. Through direct support to projects and provision of capacity-building support, the support also aims at encouraging local civil society efforts to gain better leverage in society while addressing critical issues.


The new call for proposals opening for 2017-2019 is based on the following priorities :

  • Developing prevention and protection measures and mechanisms for vulnerable, excluded and underserved women subject to violence ;
  • Providing direct services to victims of GBV (access to justice, legal aid, psychosocial support, medical and health services) ;
  • Providing capacity-building support to service providers working to address GBV ;
  • Advocating for legal reform and/or the implementation of current legislation to address structural causes of the different forms of GBV ;
  • Engaging different actors who have a critical but untapped role to address GBV and supporting the creation of thematic networks to enhance coordination and efficiency of stakeholders working to address GBV.

How to apply ?

  • Please find below the full presentation and requirements as well as the concept note template.
  • The deadline to submit the concept note is Thursday 13th July 2017 at midnight.
  • The concept note has to be filled in English.
  • The concept note filled in has to be sent to :

A delivery status notification will be sent to the applicants after reception.

Or in hard copy addressed in an envelope to :

Humanitarian and Civil Society Programme Officer
SCAC- French Embassy to Sudan
Street 13 - Amarat

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