PISCCA Call For Proposals : Civil Society Projects

Call For Proposals : Civil Society Projects

PISCCA 2019-2021
Promoting women’s socio-economic empowerment

The Fund

The French Embassy to Sudan is launching its 2019-2021 call for proposals to support projects from local civil society organizations through its development fund called PISCCA (Innovative Projects from Civil Societies and Coalitions of Actors).

The PISCCA development fund aims at encouraging local civil society efforts to gain better leverage in society while addressing critical issues by a two-track approach which consists in :

  • a direct support to local civil society projects fighting for women’s rights and gender equality through programming, provision of services and advocacy ;
  • the provision of capacity-building support through targeted trainings and workshops.

Priorities for 2019-2021

For the 2019-2021 PISCCA call for proposals, the French Embassy will give priority to local NGOs working on the promotion and support of women’s socio-economic empowerment particularly targeting the most vulnerable groups of women, i.e refugees and internally displaced, women living in rural areas, victims of GBV, low-skilled women, domestic workers, imprisoned women, disabled women, the youth, etc.

The list below provides guidance on the nature of the projects the French Embassy seeks to support but cannot be considered as exhaustive :

  • Providing technical and vocational training as well as employment opportunities, for women based on identified labour market needs ;
  • Building and strengthening women’s advocacy and leadership capacities in order for them to call for reforms in favour of gender equality and women’s increased economic participation ;
  • Developing women savings and loans groups as a way to increase financial literacy, learn about money management, and save money for emergencies, basic needs and/or small business investments ;
  • Increasing rural women’s participation in groups (co-operatives, self-help groups) and assisting them with improved crops, water and farming equipment to create sustainable economic opportunities by expanding markets and trade ;
  • Raising awareness among men and women on the need to recognize, reduce and redistribute unpaid care and domestic work, thus improving women’s well-being and empowerment at individual and household levels ;
  • Developing rural women’s access to microcredit and financial services ;
  • Raising awareness of existing laws that discriminate on the basis of gender and affect women’s economic rights ;
  • Connecting women and encouraging women’s business mentorship, coaching and networking ;
  • Advocating for a safe working environment where women are protected from exploitation and gender-based violence ;
  • Engaging different actors who have a critical but untapped role to support gender equality and promote the socio-economic empowerment of women (men and boys, employers, local governments, cultural leaders, media, private sector, etc.)

How to apply ?

  • Please read carefully the terms of reference (pdf downloadable at the bottom) before completing the application form
  • The proposal application form has to be filled in English (dowloadable at the bottom)
The deadline for the submission of proposals is Thursday 12th September 2019 at midnight.
Any application received after the deadline will not be considered.

The proposal has to be sent to the following email address : piscca2019.sudan@gmail.com


in hard copy addressed in an envelope to :
Humanitarian and Civil Society Programme Officer
SCAC- French Embassy to Sudan
Street 13 - Amarat

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